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Thousands of children around the world wait for a family of their own.

HOPE provides home studies for families in Minnesota and western Wisconsin who are looking to adopt internationally. An international adoption requires a collaborative partnership between an international agency in the country of choice and a “home-based” agency, in this case, HOPE.

Currently, HOPE has a direct adoption program with the Philippines, as well as a developing program in India. We also have collaborative relationships with a few U.S.-based, international agencies that have established programs and connections in other countries. Two of our bigger collaborations are with Holt International Children’s Services and World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP).

If you already have a connection to a child in another country, you should secure the services of someone in the child’s country of origin who is knowledgeable about the country’s requirements for overseas adoption.


International adoption, on average, is about $15-20,000, including travel costs. If you live in Minnesota or western Wisconsin and HOPE is providing your home study, you will pay our base home study fees, found on our Request for Services application. Your program fees will be dependent on which collaborative international agency you choose.

Learn more about this program by attending an HOPE General Program Orientation.

To apply or view more information on fees, see our Request for Services.